gracias, Mexico

7 09 2010

Good-bye, beautiful Mexico.

Thank you for giving me such delight and such beauty. Thank you for helping ease the jetlag and offering well-crafted rest. Thank you for ancient, harmonious ruins and layers of centuries that occasionally sort of slough off to show another depth of history, for the soft white sand and shades of Caribbean blue, the electric blue doctor fish, the various kinds of parrotfish, the cobalt and taupe striped fish, the mini sardines, the four-foot-long barracuda, the “hopping” conch shell, the flying manta ray, the bright yellow and the yellow-and-black fish, for the skinny spider starfish and the fat bright yellow one. Thank you for life jackets and snorkeling tubes and underground rivers and caverns, for salty sea kisses, water confidence and piña coladas, for exquisite tacos (yes, something as simple as a taco really can be exquisite) and enchiladas rojas, for bright and showy flowers, for birds roaming inside restaurants and theaters, and thank you for sunny, green quiet.

Chichen Itza

standing on ancient ground

more at Chichen Itza

history sloughing off

refreshing coconut ice cream

heavenly white sand & the Caribbean Sea

the beach

on the beach

electric blue doctor fish

yellow & cobalt fish

tail end of a very large barracuda-like fish

manta ray

bright yellow fish



sea urchin

exquisite tacos (slurp!)

red birds

caught in the sun

green birds

we're both drawn to it

some of my faves

no idea



happy heart

grateful for the equipment and having a blast

green quiet



more green quiet

even more





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